Food and Wine in Australia

Food and Wine in Australia

When you think about Australia you probably envision beautiful landscapes, scenic beaches, and unique wildlife. You may not think about gourmet culinary delights and some of the best wines in the world. Well foodies and oenophiles rejoice, because Australia is a fantastic place to visit if you love food and wine.

Welcome to Wine Country

Many people are unaware that Australia boasts a premier wine-growing region. In the southern end of Australia you’ll find many world renowned vineyards including Chateau Yering, Domain Chandon, Barossa Shiraz, and Eden Valley Riesling. You can enjoy Shiraz, sparkling, Riesling, Pinot Noir, or Chardonnay. Premier vintages are grown all through southern Australia. Some of the most notable wine-growing regions include:

  • Yarra Valley
  • Barossa Valley
  • Coal River
  • Bondi
  • Swan Valley
  • Poacher’s Trail

Great Food

There’s more to Australia than cute and furry indigenous animals, there’s fantastic food too. Much of the cuisine is native to the local region, which means you’re dining on the freshest ingredients. For example, you’ll find mangos, bananas, paw-paws, pineapples, and lychees around Cairns. Fresh coffee and macadamia nuts are also often part of the food culture. And because the country is surrounded by ocean, that means plenty of fresh fish and seafood.

A Diverse Culture

The many metropolitan cities – including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and of course Sydney – mean a diverse culture. A melting pot of cultures often means native foods are combined to create new and interesting recipes. Big cities also mean fine dining. Some of the best areas for fine dining include:

Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Market – This market is held every Thursday night between May and October. You can find more food stalls than you can sample. And the restaurant fare ranges from crocodile to satays.

Bondi – The Bondi Pavilion and Bondi Backstreets offer a unique combination. On the Pavilion you’ll find a wide variety of fine dining restaurants. In fact, Icebergs has received top mention in Food & Wine magazine. Head to the Bondi Backstreets and enjoy food ranging from fish and chips to tapas and more.

Surry Hills – Surry Hills is an inner-city suburb of Sydney. It’s rich with an abundance of fine dining restaurants including several that make the country’s top lists and are noted in magazines around the globe.

Whether you’re in the mood for fried crocodile or you’d prefer a French bistro overlooking the harbor, Australia has the dining experience food lovers crave. And when you add a locally grown, nationally recognized bottle of wine to the table you have the makings for a memorable meal and vacation.

Video Courtesy: Department of Primary Industries and Regions

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